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The TASK Fitness team

Shane ArcadiaShane Arcadia - Owner/Founder

Shane has been involved in the fitness industry since he was in high school in 2002, it started out with helping people in the gym to then becoming college certified in personal training to now finishing his b.s. in exercise wellness to provide a better product of fitness. He has found his passion to focus on making sure people stay healthy and has the vision of people paying as less as possible for the greatest quality of fitness.

Shane is also a navy vet where he was in charge of divisions of military men and women to get in shape to reach the physical fitness ability while being enlisted. After he left the military he realized doing boot camp is where his calling is and so in 2011 he developed task fitness and has been trying to go strong ever since. So when you get the chance take one of his classes today!


  • Glendale community college certified
  • Associates in exercise in wellness

Daniel Dodson - Instructor

Daniel Dodson - InstructorI, like many other kids, suffered from being extremely overweight, harrassed, ridiculed and bullied by others all throughout my entire school years, in 1990 I finally decided to make a change, armed with little knowledge in diet and fitness I began my journey to wellness. With some pros and more cons I would go up and down with food and injury due to poor technique. Having reached a emotional low. I finally turned to reading materials and friends educated in fitness, positives began to overcome the negatives.

In 2010, with the encouragement and support of my wife, I became a certified personal trainer and embarked on mission to better myself and others with the knowledge I had gained. So when I stand there and you are cursing me, fighting to gain your breath, on your knee in the dirt, sweat pouring from your head, heart in your throat, I understand the emotional and physical battlefield you are on. I was there, I lived the nightmare. Always remember you did not get where you are in one week, and you won’t fix it in a week. Every victory no matter how small is a victory. You can accomplish anything you attempt, you are never too old, too overweight to start, you don’t need easy, you just need possible.


  • AFAA National Certified Personal Trainer

Bryson Isom - Instructor

Bryson IsomHere's a little background on Bryson and how he became a part of fitness.

“Hi, my name Bryson Isom. I have an incredible wife, Marlee, and one little guy named Asher. I am a former collegiate strength and conditioning coach and have been in the fitness industry training clients and athletes of all ages for the past 8 years. I love my job and I take great joy in helping my clients go further, faster. In addition to training, I serve in the local church as the director of ministry teams: helping leaders lead, and also as youth pastor to an amazing group of middle school and high school students.


  • Cscs – collegiate strength and conditioning coach

Katelyn Tiwald - Yoga Instructor

Katelyn TiwaldKatelyn is task’s ashtanga vinyasa yoga instructor. If asked why she got into yoga her response was, “I learned that with yoga I would be able to continue doing the things I love. Yoga taught me humility every time I fall out of a handstand, compassion in each sun salutation, ahimsa with every posture, and meta in every breath. Yoga taught me a connection through my movements with my mind and spirit that I can use in every situation in every posture that the day puts us in. I have such a passion for teaching yoga and in every class I teach i find that I am not the teacher but the student learning from the practice and those around me still. I want to share this gift with everyone open to receive.” She has taught yoga in Baja Norte Mexico, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, and many places all over the valley. Task is lucky to have her helping all of us get more flexible.

  • Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga certified

Adrienne Martin - Zumba Instructor

Adrienne MartinHeres what Adrienne has to say about her passion for zumba “Hi, I’m Adrienne Martin and I love zumba! The reason is simple: every class feels like a party! I started taking zumba classes about 6 years ago and loved it so much that I decided to become a certified teacher. I also like that it is so simple that you don’t even have to know how to dance, just move your body and follow the leader. It’s that easy! The best part of the classes, for me, is that not only do I get to do what I love, but my son is also a certified instructor so we get to enjoy the journey together! In my full time employment, I am a business manager for a major health care company and realize how important it is for people to have resources to help in maintaining their fitness and health goals. We look forward to meeting you out on the “dance floor”! Live…laugh…zumba <3"

Checkout her zumba page adriennemartin.Zumba.Com so you can check more of her class times and other locations she teaches at.


  • Licensed zumba instructor

Thomas Arcadia - Martial arts instructor

Thomas ArcadiaGrand Master Thomas Arcadia has dedicated his life to the study of martial arts since 1969. He developed his own martial arts system Tae Rang Quan Kung Fu “the way of the black viper” . The main philosophy of this area is “natural flowing movements for exercise and defense.” This natural art teaches respect, discipline, patience and honor. Students who study this art learn natural exercise movements, the art of silent walking, natural defense forms and black viper weaponry (4 weapons). It takes courage to train and true discipline to continue the training.


  • 1st degree black belt Shuri-ryu Karate
  • 1st degree black belt Isshin-ryu Karate
  • 3rd degree black belt Mae Quan Kung Fu
  • 7th degree black belt Tae Rang Quan Kung Fu
  • Full contact AZ State Champion 1977

Steve Cartstensen - Instructor

Steve Cartstensen Steve served in the United States Marine Corps. for 15 years. As a gunnery sergeant in the marines, his responsibility was to train, mentor and lead the marines under his charge. Today, he is bringing that same attitude and dedication to the Task Fitness team and a training course near you. If a challenge is what you seek, bring your mat and some motivation…he will take it from there!


  • Certified group instructor

TASK Fitness Affiliates

Daniel Eldridge - Owner of Profile Fitness

Daniel EldridgeAfter serving in the U.S. Army, Daniel studied sports science at IUPUI before moving to Arizona in 1997. Becoming certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, his career in the fitness industry began in 2003 working in the corporate industry before opening profile fitness in 2007. He has 10 + years in the inductry, specializes in nutrition and weight loss, personal training, and sports science. His training philosophies are: “core emphasis of 80% nutrition, 20% exercise that’s focused on the quality of service given, rather than quantity of time spent in the gym equaling results – no program is duplicated while each valued client receives individualized attention that includes education and leadership creating a healthier lifestyle.”

Dewayne - Founder + Lead Coach of Evonamic

DewayneDewayne is the visionary behind the evonamic program, bringing his passion of fitness, health and life to anyone he crosses paths with. Dewayne combines 20 years training experience with an infectiously motivational personality and positive attitude to instill in his clients a belief that nothing is impossible. Dewayne’s training and fitness background is dynamic and incorporates teachings from various training methods that include cross-training to olympic style weightlifting to yoga and core work to hapkido and jeet kun do and a little of everything else in-between.

“its not such much where you are but where you are going”

Kelli Willer - Founder + Instructor of KelliLyn FIT

Kelli WillerI am on an incredible journey to be happy, healthy and strong. While completing my education in exercise and wellness at ASU and working full-time at whole foods market, I understand the hardships that inhibit us to work hard to better ourselves. I am devoted to inspire you to find your best self, to help you be happy, healthy and strong. I have an undeniable passion for success which is what sets myself as a trainer and task fitness apart from the rest. Your success is our success! come create your best self with me, you won’t regret it babes!


  • certified group instructor